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The Challenge

Data is the lifeblood of your business. Without access to your critical files, application data, and even entire servers, you’re … out of business.

Only 6% of companies without a disaster recovery plan survive a disaster.

Think about it: without access to your servers, you can’t process orders, support patients, or handle your own daily disasters. You also can’t ensure you’re complying to regulatory requirements like HIPAA, Sarbanes – Oxley (SOX), or others in your industry – leading to fines or worse. If you can’t support your customers, you also run the risk of losing customers. And inside the company, you may lose sensitive Human Resources information or the plans for your next amazing product.

To ensure your company doesn’t face these challenges, you need a plan – one that is highly dependable and easy to manage. Datto’s Data Continuity Platform provides an end to end solution enabling you to back up servers and NAS storage locally, then ensure full protection by replicating the backup content to Datto’s highly secure Cloud. For popular SaaS applications with data already in the Cloud, Datto Backupify allows complete control over protecting and accessing critical content.

Restores are just as easy as backup. If you lost just one file, search through version history to restore just the right one. If your whole server went down, quickly bring up a Virtual copy on site with our Datto SIRIS device. If your whole office is under water? Virtualize your entire critical business infrastructure in the Datto Cloud. And we back up as frequently as every five minutes, ensuring you extremely granular restore options.

Rest assured you can bounce back fast from any disaster, and continue to do business in minutes – not hours, days, or weeks. In fact, we can initiate a virtualized copy of a server within 6 seconds from pushing the restore button!

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