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Microsoft Office 365

McMahan TECH implements, manages & supports your office 365 solution.

The biggest companies in the world with the most demanding requirements rely on Microsoft solutions for productivity, communications and sharing. Now, your business can also improve productivity, enhance communications and perfect collaboration with Microsoft Office 365. It’s an enterprise-level solution at a price everyone can afford. Office 365, implemented, managed and supported by McMahan TECH, integrates online Mac and PC versions of Microsoft’s email and collaboration software with the familiar Microsoft Office in a cloud delivery model. The cloud service meets your needs for robust security, 24/7 reliability and user productivity. It’s available to you at a month-to-month subscription price that’s affordable.

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Leverage the power of cloud with this cost-effective, enterprise-class telephony, fax and communication platform.

RingCentral transforms how businesses communicate and collaborate to unleash their full potential. Today over 350,000 organizations choose RingCentral for innovative and secure ways to connect employees, boost workforce productivity, share knowledge, and strengthen customer relationships. The cloud-based communication and collaboration platform offers much more than traditional office phone systems, VoIP business phone service or virtual PBX. It also includes a comprehensive set of business features that unify voice, video, team messaging and collaboration, SMS, conferencing and online meetings, contact center, and fax.

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Corporate branding is an important part of any organization’s first impression and ongoing reputation.

With CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 your organization can control email signatures, disclaimers and templates being sent by your entire staff regardless if sent from PC, mobile or web. The application operates on the server side, stamping emails with pre-defined signatures and disclaimers that can be easily set via the program’s management console.

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EchoWorx OneWorld Encryption Platform

By integrating encryption throughout your organization, you can address a variety of your business challenges, while keeping your communications secure. Echoworx's OneWorld encryption platform provides such a solution.

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Datto SaaS Protection and Continuity Systems

1 in 3 companies report losing data stored in cloud-based applications. That means the permanent deletion of potentially hundreds of work hours.

Datto SaaS Protection won’t let your critical data slip through the cracks. Engineered to be the leading, one stop shop for cloud-to-cloud SaaS application backup, SaaS Protection gives data stored in Office 365 or Google's G Suite consistently reliable granular backups, quick and easy restores and exports, secured data for compliance and regulatory needs.

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Data is the lifeblood of your business. Without access to your critical files, application data, and even entire servers, you’re … out of business.

Only 6% of companies without a disaster recovery plan survive a disaster.

Think about it: without access to your servers, you can’t process orders, support patients, or handle your own daily disasters. You also can’t ensure you’re complying to regulatory requirements like HIPAA, Sarbanes – Oxley (SOX), or others in your industry – leading to fines or worse. If you can’t support your customers, you also run the risk of losing them. And inside the company, you may lose sensitive Human Resources information or the plans for your next amazing product.

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