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SiteVeer Terms

SiteVeer Terms

Family-Friendly Content

SiteVeer is a service provided by McMahan TECH, not a product. As a family-based business, we strive to maintain a standard of family-friendly content and services and will decline to register a domain name or redirect an existing account to a site if in our determination doing so will violate these standards. We know this may create consternation for some, but the service we offer can be achieved in other ways from other providers that do not have this policy.

Standard Domain Name

There are many top-level domains (.com, .net, etc.) that can be registered. Some “exotic” top-level domains can cost significantly more to register than standard domains. If you request a domain that would increase the price of this service, we will contact you with a pricing quote before proceeding.

Domain Registration Egress

If you ever wish to transfer the domain we’ve registered for you to another registrar so you can handle your own DNS settings or repurpose its use, we will gladly provide you with a transfer key, free of charge – provided your account is paid in full.

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